Aica Indria

Aica IndriaChic the at the initiation tear positive of 2013, PT. Dynea Indria a manufacturer of Lem FOX adhesives strain has officially be converted into an AICA – Japan assemble subsidiaries companionship. The bought of shares of Dynea Asia Appeasing Pte. Ltd. effectively AICA KOGYO Co. Ltd of Japan get next to to all of Dynea Asia Appeasing Subsidiaries Companionship counting PT. Dynea Indria apt a limb of AICA assemble.

Effectively this hold of shares, including consent the first name of Dynea Asia appeasing Pte. Ltd has officially altered to pocket house AICA Asia Appeasing Ground Pte. Ltd. which has based personnel chic Singapore.

As the substance of the hold of shares, the first name of PT. Dynea Indria is currently be converted into PT. Aica Indria.


  • gentleman / release / min. 25 being ancient
  • S1 foremost chic Compound Commerce
  • First graduated before having min. 2 being encounter chic the constant dash is preferable
  • Passionate interpersonal, administrative and leadership cleverness
  • Possessing clear bring about attitudes and initiative
  • Pad literate


  • gentleman / 25 – 35 being of get next to to grown-positive
  • S1 chic Compound Commerce, Chemistry, Marketing before additional correlated top
  • Having min. 2 time encounter chic the constant dash / Marketing is preferable
  • Skilled interaction cleverness, fluent chic English and pad literacy
  • The cleverness to bring about non-centrally before chic a band background next to challenging assignment
  • Reliable to help the marketing band, grant technological in rank and help to consumer
  • Treatment manufactured goods information & conundrum solving pro consumer satisfaction


  • gentleman / 23 – 27 being ancient
  • At nominal amount a Qualification, Release’s Top majoring chic Electrical Commerce
  • At nominal amount 1 time of effective encounter chic the correlated field is essential pro this dash.
  • Habitual including PLC and Inverter
  • Pad literate


  • gentleman before Female, release, nominal get next to to grown-positive 25 being ancient.
  • Release top (SI) foremost chic Compound Commerce / Compound Analyst / Chemistry early signal academe.
  • Having min. 2 being encounter chic the constant dash is preferable.
  • Fluent chic English is a must, chic cooperation oral & on paper.
  • Pad literate.
  • Possessing clear bring about attitudes and initiative.
  • Non-centrally, skilled interpersonal cleverness, and band bring about.

Delight hurl your concentration epistle including fussy resume/cv, outline of experiences, additional ID help and contemporary photo to :

Jl. Pulogadung 22 Kawasan Industri Pulogadung Jakarta Timur 13920
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Before to 24 September 2013

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