Bank BRI Syariah

BRISyariah PT Layer BRI Syariah is lone of the chief Islamic banks chic Indonesia. The Companionship was founded chic 2002 as a affair element of PT Layer Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Companionship officially started operations next to November 17, 2008. Jakarta-based Layer operated 101 branches, counting 8 foremost branches, 27 arm offices, 55 arm offices and 11 cash offices. The companionship also supported effectively 4,497 employees. Based next to the Approximately calculate ago a time Crash of BRI Syariah, at the aim of 2011 the total assets of PT Layer BRISyariah has reached Rp 11.20 trillion. Chic a February 9, 2011, the Layer expected an declaration chic 2011 as a TOP BRAND AWARD Declaration Pro Islamic Banking. The companionship also awarded Rank 1 chic Encourage Crucial top Declaration chic the Category of Islamic Banking.

BRI Syariah is lone of syariah layer chic Indonesia which has a diversity of fiscal air force ‘ chic accordance including consumer desires is the simplest to get to of go extra consequential. Including accept to including the intention of, we demand sat HR pro innumerable positions


Equipment :

  • Female
  • The most get next to to grown-positive is 25 being
  • The Reputation of free, keen not to pace down the aisle all owing to the narrow cycle
  • Culture min D3 all majors
  • Min GPA 3.00 extent 4
  • Be inflicted including an reliable soul, consumer benefit oriented, competent to bring about below difficulty



  • Female/Guy
  • Most get next to to grown-positive 30 being
  • Culture min S1 all majors
  • Min GPA 3.00 extent 4
  • Be inflicted including an reliable soul, butt-oriented companionship, keen to bring about tough, pocket house equipped to bring about below difficulty

But you are attracted and come across the privileged than equipment, delight hurl a pocket chic epistle, a CV is emotionally caught positive (Curiculum Vitae) and Photo 4×6 (2 pieces), thumbs down before long than July 7, 2013, sent to the pocket positive:

PT Layer BRI Syariah KC Tasikmalaya
 Jl Ahmad Yani Thumbs down 15 – 17

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