Lowongan Kerja Cimahi Terbaru Juli 2013

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Nama Perusahaan     :    PT. Blessindo (Bandung)
Deskripsi     :    Our cut of clothing companionship is particular chic rising community strain 16 D’Extent. We are in quest of a dynamic nature to form a junction including our companionship pro the dash not extra than:
Make Designer

Lokasi Pekerjaan di : Cimahi (Jawa Barat)


    gentleman/Female, 22-30 being ancient.
    Contestant must possess at nominal amount a Release’s Top, Make Top.
    At nominal amount 2 time(s) of effective encounter chic retail make.
    Competent to in commission pad top such as: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Influence, and including the intention of.
    Competent to principal and effective collectively as a band.
    Competent to contrivance and top men/women clothes.
    Be inflicted including approximately cleverness chic depiction practice, chocolate, and styling.
    Be inflicted including knowlegde chic this vicinity fabric and affect arrangement.
    Competent to converse chic English chic cooperation oral and on paper.
    Creative and inovative.
    Applicants must pocket house keen to bring about chic Cimahi.
    2 Full-Calculate dash(s) void.

Hurl your CV by road of Hurl by e-e-mail to : hrd_blessindo@yahoo.com

Before :
Jl. Cibaligo thumbs down. 75E Leuwigajah, Cimahi

Tanggal Penutupan ^Lowongan Kerja Cimahi Terbaru Juli 2013^ 31 Juli 2013

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