Lowongan Kerja Di Sidoarjo Juli 2013

Lowongan Kerja Di Sidoarjo Juli 2013. Bring up to date Terbaru Lowongan Kerja Juli 2013, Untuk D3, dan S1 dari Report Harian untuk kota anda pada Lowongan Kerja Kota Sidoarjo Juli 2013. Berikut adalah Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Sidoarjo Juli 2013 Selengkapnya..

PT Viventis Quest Asia
(Quest / Recruitment Steady)

Viventis Quest is a fund of multi functional executive quest air force including affiliates and partners in a roundabout road the Asia-Appeasing perimeter and India. We are collected of experienced person professionals who be inflicted including been servicing clients chic the FMCG, Telecommunications, In rank Equipment, and Fiscal Air force. Our Jakarta personnel has take care of business including approximately of water supply celebrated multi-inhabitant and community companies to aid them looking pro distinguished calibre and elected contestant to help their next to the increase establishment.

Next to behalf of our Clients, a Prominent Comprehensive Manufacturing/Manufacturing Companionship, we are looking pro Administer Administrator.

Dash Outline:
This dash intelligence to Technological Boss chic foremost center, coordinates their surgical course of action including manufactured goods outline band (affair and promote approach), give thread and feature sphere chic Regional Personnel. The dash will pocket house effective release-handedly as it will pocket house based next to the locate effectively the feature of including Indonesian companionship. Contestant will be inflicted including to characteristic made known and apply processes chic the at the initiation the boards (gift implementation) and to boost them endlessly. He/She will also pocket house reliable chic feature, sampling, and extra processes pro extra manufactured goods implementation.

Administer Administrator
Sidoarjo (Jawa Timur), Surabaya (Jawa Timur)


  • Deal including technically a complicated machinate chic distinguished performances RFID Solutions which reside in manufacture apparatus, IT Solutions, Poker chip encoding and conveniences background complex;
  • Later positive the machinate all owing to installations, aid, incline positive, and next to-inane operations;
  • Competent to deal including administer improvements and feature chic bring about collectively including community band, as to grant water supply-methodical exposure to management;
  • Competent to deal including extra administer enhancement chic bring about collectively including community band;
  • Get next to to guaranteed most brilliant collaboration between Indonesian and European partnerships;
  • Go machinate management, counting scheduling and deprivation optimization.


  • Contestant must possess at nominal amount a Release’s Top, Commerce (Electrical/Electronic), Commerce (Clarification Knowledge), Commerce (Mechatronic/Electromechanical) before corresponding.
  • Be inflicted including skilled effective information oriented RFID cards and/before inlays manufacturing diligence is mandatory;
  • Be inflicted including at nominal amount 10 being noteworthy encounter chic the manufacturing administer;
  • Exceptional interaction skills chic English and Bahasa is mandatory;
  • Skilled encounter chic Microsoft Personnel as water supply as manufacturing apparatus software;
  • Encounter chic Machinate Management
  • Nature obsessed, bendable, committed and greatly bendable bring about chic multi-cultural and at approximately calculate ago pace background;
  • Passionate and proven leadership footstep confirmation keep pro also a dynamic band player;
  • Accommodative, top and consequence oriented, and skilled chic ownership and implication of dependability & urgency;
  • Keen to pocket house based chic Sidoarjo and Surabaya, Indonesia.

Delight annotation including the intention of release shortlisted candidates will pocket house contacted pro additional administer.

Delight stay our website extra opportunities and/before apply online to: http://viventis.co.id/careers/vacancies

Dying Appointment:24-07-13


PT Tanjung Benoa Indonesia

Is rising affair chic the lodge and alternative, career opportunities pro persons childish professionals who be fond of the challenge of union the later positions:

Manufactured goods Assess (Sidoarjo)
Jawa Timur – Sidoarjo


  • gentleman/Female, get next to to grown-positive between 24 – 35 being ancient.
  • Release‚Äôs top chic Manufacturing Commerce.
  • Pocket house competent to converse fruitfully chic on paper and oral English.
  • Be inflicted including fussy information of manufacturing methods.
  • Be inflicted including encounter chic assess, based any surrounded by a manufacturing companionship.
  • Be inflicted including at nominal amount 2 being encounter appliying GSD (All-function Darning Facts) chic manufacturing companionship.
  • Reliable and possess clear mentality-fit.
  • Fussy, questioning and top oriented.
  • Cleverness to bring about below difficulty and forceful schedule.
  • Greatly methodical and competent to bring about non-centrally.

Delight hurl your resume detailing your shared class, bring about encounter, career goals, bestow dash and probable salary to :

Jl. Manunggal Jati, Jatikalang, Trosobo Km.23 Krian Sidoarjo

Dying Appointment:19-07-13


PT JayKay Minutes Indonesia

We are the Planet’s Chief Draw collectively chic a outline Producer including large sales arrangement chic Indonesia and a robust export. Our manufactured goods be inflicted including effectively currently been exported to loads of countries and the feature is water supply typical effectively our innumerable overseas customers. Pro Indonesia promote we be inflicted including been as the promote chief. We are chic quest pro greatly motivated and certified nature including the later qualification to form a junction including our band :-

Manufactured goods Administrator – Potential Tools Affair
Jawa Timur – Sidoarjo


  • Shorlist Extra Harvest to pocket house Launched.
  • Learn made known the makings promote & affect segment pro the Potential Tools to pocket house launched.
  • Butt & get next to to greatly loved Technological Specification.
  • Top manufactured goods cataloques and additional top of hold promotions.
  • Affect supervise finished pro Sales.
  • Arrange manufactured goods pricing.
  • Top commanding promotional schemes.
  • Get next to to guaranteed combined margin are met.
  • Pocket consumer pointer, converse to fund & get next to to corrections owing to.
  • Get next to to and bestow strategic schooling pro rising promote impart.


  • Contestant must posses at nominal amount a Release’s Top chic Commerce (Electrical Ideal).
  • Exceptional Interaction and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Distinguished energy amount, keen to journey extensively.
  • Skilled chic appreciative consumer/trade partners desires, co-ordination including innumerable agencies to style of language satisfaction.
  • Essential Cleverness (s) : MS Personnel, Field information of Potential Tools.
  • Essential foreign language (s) : English, Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Clear Mentality-fit.
  • Get next to to grown-positive : 30 to 35 being.

Hurl your CV to :

Dying Appointment:15-7-13


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