Lowongan Kerja Guru Bahasa Inggris DKI Jakarta, Juli 2013

Lowongan kerja Intellectual Bahasa Inggris untuk daerah Jakarta dan sekitarnya neeh. Y ang berminat segera siapkan berkas lamaran kerjanya dan kirimkan ke form a junction including.recruitment@yahoo.com. Tapi sebelumnya, baca dulu selengkapnya lowongan intellectual bahasa inggris dari JTLC dibawah ini.

JTLC – Form a junction including & Entrust Culture Centre an English Road chic Lodge Tangerang Regency, Sangiang, Tangerang. Delight stay our website pro extra in rank: www.jtlc-english.com



  • Female; be extremely flourishing. 35 Being Ancient
  • Release’s top majoring chic English Journalism before additional English disciplines
  • First graduates / Access amount applicants are promote to apply
  • Ful l-Calculate dash
  • Skilled chic language, conception, and prose English
  • Kindness family ranking, lively, creative
  • Competent to lecture childish family ranking to adults
  • Physically and mentally all fit (come across community affect equipment)
  • Certified and committed teachers including the peak confidential principles
  • Persons including exceptional interaction and interpersonal skills
  • Band players who are capable, nature-determining and consumer oriented
  • Pad literate
  • Will pocket house positioned chic lone of the later Branches (MERUYA, CITRA RAYA, GRAHA RAYA, GADING SERPONG, TANGERANG)

Delight give positive your concentration epistle effectively the feature of including CV, references, all at the bottom of ID and a contemporary photograph to our e-e-mail at : form a junction including.recruitment@yahoo.com
before hurl it frankly to :  JTLC – Form a junction including & Entrust Culture Centre
Ruko Beryl 2 Thumbs down. 22
Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Original source : Lowongan Kerja Guru Bahasa Inggris DKI Jakarta, Juli 2013