Lowongan Kerja Indo Bharat Rayon Juni 2013

Lowongan Kerja Indo Bharat Rayon Juni 2013

Customary chic 1980, PT. Indo Bharat Rayon (IBR) pioneered the manufacture of viscose fix fibre (VSF) chic Indonesia and was also the at the initiation to grasp ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications as water supply as OEKO-TEX authoritative recollection early BTTG, Europe.
Indo Bharat Rayon’s bestow propagate situated at Purwakarta chic West Jawa, commenced cash-building manufacture chic 1982 including a modest opportunity of 16,500 tpa. Owing to strategic funds chic additional opportunity finished the being, now it has an installed opportunity of finished 192,000 tpa and has be converted into planet’s following chief manufacturer of VSF at a release house.

Marketed below the strain first name of “Birla Bran” the companionship produces a large array of VSF chic engineered specifications pro material and non-natural fiber applications, requires personnel including noteworthy encounter pro the later dash:

Marketing Administrator

  • S1 graduated pro administrator
  • 3-5 being encounter pro administrator
  • Au fait including marketing organize rayon pro administrator
Mechanical Administrator
  • Top, detailing & Installation of Mechanical Installations & Piping; even as construction protection & reliability into the installations.
  • Au fait six sigma and Planet Class Manufacturing (WCM).
Electrical Administrator
  • Top, Installation & commissioning of all electrical bits and pieces.
Instrumentation Administrator
  • Top, Installation & Commissioning of potential judgment, loops, field Instruments & DCS
Administer Administrator
  • Help chic Vital & Fussy Commerce, SOP’s schooling & Commissioning
  • Incorporate most brilliant-chic-class practices & extra technologies chic administer top & execution pro best administer efficiencies, reliability & protection.
Managers all-function equipment :
  • S1 /S2 chic respective commerce restriction early chief Institutes & apparent Universities chic Indonesia
  • Customary certificate & footstep confirmation of actions
  • 4 – 10 being encounter chic comprehensive compound & petrochemical companies
  • Information of English + Bahasa Indonesia is elemental.
  • Habitual including pad & the programs Linkages
Marketing Personnel
  • First Adjust S1 Material
  • Nominal GPA 2.75 (early extent 4)
Accounting Personnel
  • First Adjust S1 / S2 foremost chic Accounting early signal Academe
  • Nominal GPA 3.00 (early extent 4)
Advertise a in tears to a name
  • First Adjust (S1) Compound Commerce, Mechanical Commerce, and Electrical Commerce and Instrumentation Eng (Teknik Fisika Instrumentasi) early signal Academe.
  • Nominal GPA 2.75 (early extent 4).
All candidates if at all possible income chic Purwakarta vicinity

Attracted candidates could hurl by e-e-mail their CV’s to the later hurl by e-e-mail addresses :



before, delight hurl your CV, pretend of certificates, photograph and supporter buzz digit; not before long than 6 July 2013 to:

PT. Indo Bharat Rayon
P.O. BOX 9 Purwakarta 41101 – West Java

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