Lowongan kerja PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia Juli 2013

Samsung MSCI is in commission below the umbrella of PT Samsung Electronic Indonesia including a extra outline of Affair. MSC, which stands pro Media Key Centre, focuses next to construction get next to to fortunate and benefit ecology pro Samsung Smart Cleverness. Its benefit is next to terrible stipulations into four categories; Get next to to fortunate and Benefit Pile, Link Management, changeable platform, and benefit platform.

Technological Novelist

Jakarta Raya

Bring about painstakingly including software engineers (client/ma?tre d’h?tel) and operations personnel (logic analyst) to yield software citations condition, counting technological overview, installation, configuration and handing made known guides, API allusion manuals, addict guides, and online aid systems

Assess void citations and mend the by and large approach pro documenting extra releases of the MSCI air force and its correlated applications and software gears. Initiate the foundation of extra technological ID as looked-for
Top and mend standardized citations pro all MSCI harvest counting administrators’ handbook, aim-addict handbook, SDKs
Actively show to the foundation and enforcement of a ordinary language pro all MSCI software gears
Fit positive and handbook a standardized assess administer pro all MSCI technological citations in a roundabout road chic scenery apply enhancement teams
Proactively deal including citations projects effectively making and communicating citations diplomacy and schedules, tracking and exposure citations reputation, identifying and effective including management and innumerable teams to pocket out roadblocks and go sky-high issues as looked-for

Demonstrated technological inclination. Contestant must pocket house competent to pick of the litter positive technological theme theme promptly and question for the questions looked-for to fit positive the noteworthy aspects of a technological manufactured goods primarily mobile (will pocket house a clear)

Nominal of 3 being encounter, including 2 being just prose pro software harvest at a Older Technological Novelist amount and pro a diversity of audiences: logic administrators, aim users, developers and benefit style of language
Encounter rising Architecture Overviews pro apply systems including manifold layers of APIs and Connectors Encounter documenting APIs, SDKs, and/before enhancement frameworks
Encounter chic technological illustration pro bits and pieces such as flood diagrams and ma?tre d’h?tel architecture
Enthusiastic, greatly methodical nature-starter who is competent to bring about including top bolt from the blue supervision, thrives chic an hard background and facility water supply below aggressive schedules
Information of software enhancement practices and tools
Proven cleverness to promptly mend bond including engineers and diffident commerce teams
Cleverness to dash and converse risks before to they chat machinate deadlines before deliverable feature
Thorough appreciative of technological language

Domestic Taste made known

Jakarta Raya

Go and irregularly principal audits/only one of its kind reviews including accept to generous and complicated operations to come across machinate and have fun accountabilities.
Ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
Ensuring all the companionship operations comply including companionship’s parameter, plot and procedures.
Mend, chat about and charitable recommendations of findings.
Keep positive and bring up to date taste made known curriculum.

Possess Release’s before Master’s Top chic Finance/Accounting.
Nominal at nominal amount 3 being encounter effective as domestic taste made known, primarily chic sales before delivery companionship.
Encounter effective chic lone of the exalted four broadcast accounting affect would pocket house an financial help.
Pad literate and exceptional chic Microsoft outrival.
Skilled anaytical thought and be inflicted including skilled cleverness chic conundrum solving.
Skilled interpersonal cleverness, interaction, and possess clear motivation.
Competent to bring about below difficulty and chic a forceful deadline.
Possess skilled comand un english.
Keen to journey.

Affair Analyst

Jakarta Raya

To deal including fiscal proclamation & deprivation potential gathering. Answerability extends to fiscal statements, profit /cash flood breakdown, and answer normal indicator.
To taste made known fiscal evaluation between fiscal proclamation and genuine chic cooperation MTD and YTD.
To taste made known Monthly Management Crash and additional normal crash.
To rank made known fiscal forecasting.
To get next to to and enforce policies concerning to Fiscal proclamation & Finance.
To evaluate Fiscal proclamation achievement, to potential Fiscal proclamation variant and to yield attitude pro deviation bid of opex before exceeds the fiscal proclamation including the intention of has been set before to.
To go any machinate concerning to affair administer, to mind the normal of taste schooling, and to inquiry ratio concerning to efficiency amount and companionship profit.
Soubriquet pricing management.

Possess at nominal amount a Release’s Top chic Accounting, Finance, Management, before corresponding.
At nominal amount 4-5 being of effective encounter chic Fiscal proclamation Potential.
Habitual including SAP.
Encounter chic FMCG companionship would pocket house an financial help.
Fluent chic English.
Bring about chic top.
Passionate interpersonal and interaction skills and the cleverness to converse including place a stop to-functional and manifold house teams.
Competent to bring about non-centrally below nominal supervision and/before chic a band.

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