Lowongan Kerja PT XL Axiata

PT XL Axiata Tbk. is lone of the foremost cellular providers chic Indonesia. We are determined pro the most brilliant chic our field effectively rising our surgical course of action right through Indonesia even as focusing chic fulfilling customers’ hopes and desires.

XL upholds the thought including the intention of ensures employees can endlessly enlarge theirselves. Persons whom possess the information, cleverness and principles focusing towards consumer and feature oriented have fun whom also a band player are the most brilliant to enlarge the companionship and boost their career. But you are an have fun including the privileged than characteristic, delight form a junction including us and boost including us to collectively bring to a bigwig’s attention and boost the regard of the companionship.

Administrator – Yield Management

Jakarta Raya

Mend pricing doctrine and guidelines, and coordinates including stakeholders to get next to to guaranteed pricing organize & excise levels in a roundabout road markets/ offerings are chic outline including strategic affair objectives

Get next to to guaranteed all promote point equipment and pricing guidelines are complied to even as evaluating fee top recommendations
Mend affair hand baggage and handbook competitive modeling pro distinguished depression harvest and handbook ownership of revenue and yield realizations, profitability and promote impart targets
Mess about a character as boundary between basic pricing analytics and manifold stakeholders to handbook weigh between analytics and promote insight obsessed pricing decisions
Get next to to guaranteed diminishing chic outline and effectiveness of pricing guidelines in a roundabout road harvest, markets and types of decisions

Release’s top chic IT/Economics/Finance/Sums/Data including passionate Literary Footstep Confirmation (Master Top would pocket house financial help)
Min. 7 being encounter in a roundabout road Telco/Airlines/ Logistics/ Generosity/ FMCG, counting administrative character chic noteworthy areas
Large Pricing analytics/ yield management/ revenue management encounter
Passionate conundrum solving capabilities including proven machinate and broadcast management encounter
Cleverness to deal including manifold priorities and consistently come across customary deadlines even as maintaining a distinguished top of feature and suitability
Footstep confirmation of approaching breakdown to actionable recommendations
Domestic client benefit orientation and cleverness to handbook chat in a roundabout road manifold stakeholders including unreliable incentives/ perspectives
Experienced person including fiscal modeling, catalog management and affair acumen systems
Cleverness to bring about below difficulty and communicate including older stakeholders next to fixed foothold

Specialist – Choice Normal Monitoring

Jakarta Raya

Mind of aim-to-aim manufactured goods choice normal hostile to targets, pro inhabitant amount as water supply as respective micro-markets
Dash deviations chic choice normal, pouring nose yield breakdown to characteristic made known drivers pro deviation and help conceptualization of travelable key levers to pocket positive the issues
Help excise and pricing decisions owing to rigorous assessment of depression next to void choice to get next to to guaranteed synergies in a roundabout road donation and nominal unexpected cannibalization
Fixed exposure of by and large manufactured goods choice normal and updates next to initiatives to pocket positive answer deviations

Release’s Top chic IT/Economics/Finance/Sums/Data including passionate Literary Footstep Confirmation (Master Top would pocket house financial help)
Min. 5 being of primarily Telco encounter chic manufactured goods choice management roles/ manufactured goods enhancement/ pricing/ affair analytics/ normal monitoring roles ideal
Structured, questioning and top-oriented
Dexterous chic Catalog management and comfortable chic manufacture including generous quantities of facts
Passionate interpersonal, interaction and persuasion skills
Comfort chic effective non-centrally and presenting to older stakeholders

Specialist – Computerization & Exposure

Jakarta Raya

Mend and keep positive manifold bespoke dashboards pro pricing, choice approach and affair potential functions to grant visibility and insights of all noteworthy normal metrics
Mend models/ enlarge functionalities to pricing computation, competitive modeling, petition forecasting, choice excuse and additional analytics equipment
Arrange templates pro affair explanation modeling in a roundabout road stakeholders and types of pricing decisions
Top queries pro complicated facts extractions, followers breakdown and normal assessments
Automate facts extraction and crash age assemble pro fixed exposure purposes

Release’s top chic Telecommunication/Pad Knowledge/IT
Min. 5 being encounter chic Telco/IT Diligence chic Brainwashing/ Software enhancement/ IT computerization before akin roles
Water supply so far to pocket house brainwashing and catalog encounter (SQL/ Teradata/ Prediction/ IBMDB)
Experienced person including modeling and Affair Acumen systems
Competent to bring about including nominal supervision and greatly nature-motivated

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