Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Frisian Flag Indonesia Juli 2013

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Frisian Flag Indonesia Juli 2013

Frisian Ordinary is the broadcast’s prominent milk companionship. Evenly referred to as Susu Bendera effectively Indonesian, Frisian Ordinary has principal the promote pro 90 being.It all ongoing chic 1922 including the “Friesche Vlag” milk strain imported early Encouraging Condensfabriek Friesland – currently majestic FrieslandCampina, the planet’s chief dairy encouraging based chic the Netherlands including 16,000 farmer-members in a roundabout road 3 countries and 22,000 employees bestow chic finished 100 markets nearly the planet.

The industries are chic relentless desires of creature assets to help their dynamic businesses. Innumerable occupations boost as the at approximately calculate ago unreliable enhancement occurs. Our website accommodates these corporate desires of feature creature assets, to call positive these companies chic humanizing their normal, qualitatively and quantitatively. PT Frisian Ordinary Indonesia is looking pro distinguished certified and talented nature to lecture chic the later dash :

Health check Expressive

  • Crash to Health check Detailing Superintendent and reliable pro schooling and conducting actions chic maintaining accurate bond including influential health check professionals and to fit positive AWARENESS, IMAGE and consumer ACCEPTANCE of Companionship Harvest.


  • Release (S1) top early Nourishment, Provisions Tech, Compound, and Ecology
  • Not extra than 28 being ancient.
  • Fluent chic ENGLISH
  • First graduates before having 1-2 being of effective encounter chic akin dash if at all possible chic milk correlated diligence will pocket house an financial help.

Affair Vicinity SPV (Vicinity Sales Superintendent)

  • Reliable pro schooling, implementing and SUPERVISING sales actions surrounded by habitual and Bestow vehicle to come across the sales TARGET. This dash will crash to the Affair Vicinity Administrator.


  • Release top (S1)
  • be extremely flourishing 30 being ancient
  • having 2-5 being effective experiences chic correlated dash chic consumer manufactured goods companionship as Superintendent amount before Vicinity Administrator. 
  • Keen to pocket house positioned chic all cities chic Indonesia.

QA Supervisors

  • Reliable pro evaluating and humanizing procedures pro best operational administer and distinguished feature consequences and ensuring including the intention of all chic operational course of action are implemented accurately.


  • Contestant must possess at nominal amount a Release’s Top, Ecology, Chemistry, BioTechnology, Provisions Equipment/Nourishment/Dietetics before corresponding.
  • Essential foreign language(s): English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • At nominal amount 2 time(s) of effective encounter chic the correlated field is essential pro this dash.
  • Applicants must pocket house keen to bring about chic JAKARTA TIMUR.
  • If at all possible Superintendent / Coordinators specializing chic Feature Potential/Swear an oath before corresponding.
  • 3 Full-Calculate dash(s) void.

Pro fussy in rank & apply online, delight give positive apply next to later caution not extra than. All applications are valued and will pocket house treated chic confidential.

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