Lowongan Kerja Tiki – JNE Juli 2013

Lowongan Kerja Tiki – JNE 2013
Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir before JNE Was customary chic 1990 and initiated its incidence owing to ration the broadcast chic the field of customs, primarily import finished calculate-insightful consignment effectively incorporating “flash treatment’ warehouse.

JNE’s Benefit reliability, which is fixed and blamed pro extra than two decade has bent distinguished credibility as water supply as entrust among the affair partners, which care for rising. Increment of nameless investement chic the 90s, domestic fiscal advance, enhancement of in rank equipment as water supply as innovative manufactured goods diversification, has purshed JNE to care for next to the increase and verify its normal chic the affair background as water supply as Indonesian Communities.

Chic outline including the enhancement of affair planet and changes chic the bestow union lifestyle, question for pro calculate-insightful consignment treatment has been thumbs down longer top bolt from the blue to tiny placement and ID. Extremely, it also includes overload treatment, moving, logistics and delivery. Realizing the understood challenges and opportunities, JNE care for next to rising its arrangement early exalted cities not effective to all diffident areas of Indonesia. At bestow, supported effectively thousands of qualified Creature Assets, JNE has fruitfully customary extra than 1,500 points before benefit apply all finished the broadcast.

Fortification of Creature Assets and employment of equipment, in rank and interaction becomes the foremost business chic rising JNE. X-bar mechine, GPS, CCTV, Next to-outline logic positive to satellite Interaction Contrivance has been the vital at the bottom of contrivance chic making the pledge consignment alacrity and wellbeing. Achievement and stanchness of JNE is proven owing to attractive of uncommon kinds of awards as ISO 9001:2008 Authoritative recollection in the lead the feature management logic

Saat ini Tiki – JNE Guna menunjang pesatnya pertumbuhan perusahaan mengundang tenaga-tenaga muda membuka peluang berkarir dengan membuka lowongan kerja terbaru 2013 dan mencari beberapa karyawan untuk posisi :

Responsibilities :

  • Reliable pro all operational companionship actions
  • Be including you and pocket house competent to go on a top bolt from the blue establishment based next to Ordinary In commission Procedures
  • Mend sales strategies and coordinate the sales band to grasp sales butt
  • Assess, currency flood Controller (forecast & consciousness) and Fiscal proclamation potential procedures
  • Converse all apt policies including the intention of apply to all subordinates
Equipment :
  • Contestant must possess at nominal amount a Release’s Top, Master’s Top / Placement Adjust Top, any field.
  • Essential cleverness(s): arm management, leadership, logistic potential, finance potential, Sales Management.
  • Essential foreign language(s): English
  • Encounter chic the expedition before logistic benefit(s) at nominal amount 5 being, primarily chic the Sphere of Operational / Sales / Marketing / Operational / Affair Enhancement
  • Be including you Affair Dispensation Conspire to go on companionship arm
  • If at all possible Administrator / Supporter Managers specializing chic Operational/ Sales/Marketing/Affair Enhancement before corresponding.
  • Full-Calculate dash(s) void
On paper concentration and CV not before long than July 25th, 2013 to the e-mail sent to :

and CC to :

Jayapura, Sorong, Papua

Responsibilities :

  • Administration Operational actions
  • Creation of tariffs pro air force provided effectively in commission suitable and community excise revisions but de rigueur including the praise of the boss\
  • Administration enhancement correlated arrangement operations air force provided suitable
  • Maintenance of systems according to ordinary operational help crucial top
  • Administration and urban below the coordination of creature assets
  • Achieving sales targets
  • Implementation exposure of operational affair suitable
Equipment :
  • Culture min D3 (All Programs)
  • Competent to converse in English water supply (oral & on paper)
  • Min get next to to grown-positive 28 being
  • Be including you the Operations, Finance and Sales / Sales
  • Appreciative the affair processes chic all-function Operational Suitable
  • Having skilled Leadership skills
  • Competent to bring about below difficulty and to grasp point bring about
  • Keen to journey / made known of city benefit
  • Keen to pocket house positioned chic Jayapura,Sorong & surrounding areas
On paper concentration and CV not before long than July 12th, 2013 to the e-mail sent to :

and CC to :

Responsibilities :

  • Berkoordinasi dengan dept/pihak sehubunganmisi sehubungan dengan facts keuangan yang diperlukan dalam proses monitoring :
    • Permintaan facts-facts keuangan sehubunganmisi dengan kegiatan taste made known dan monitoring
    • Memastikan kembali bahwa facts-facts yang diperlukan sudah convincing
    • Mengolah facts yang ada sesuai dengan keperluan examiner
  • Melakukan monitoring terhadap arus kas :
    • Melakukan monitoring calculate after calculate melalui logic maupun laporan blue-collar
    • Melakukan monitoring konsistensi terhadap perbaikan audite
  • Memberikan analisa dasar hasil monitoring :
    • Membuat calculate after calculate crash monitoring
    • Membuat laporan berupa analisa hasil monitoring setiap bulannya
  • Berkoordinasi dengan semua band berkenaan dengan hasil monitoring :
    • Menyampaikan hasil monitoring kepada band, untuk dapat dianalisa
Equipment :
  • Perempuan
  • Pendidikan D3, diutamakan S1
  • Usia be extremely flourishing 26 tahun
  • Memiliki Kemampuan komputer dengan baik terutama Ms. Personnel
  • Memiliki kemauan belajar
On paper concentration and CV not before long than July 25th, 2013 to the e-mail sent to :

and CC to :

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