Lowongan METRO Department Store

METRO Department StoreMETRO Sphere Pile is lone of the chief retailers chic Indonesia in commission 5 equipment, 4 chic Jakarta and lone chic Bandung. The at the initiation METRO pile opened chic 1991 at Mal Pondok Indah catering to the desires of the residents of the only one of its kind Pondok Indah and surrounding housing districts.

Including the accomplishment of METRO Pondok Indah, the following pile at Mall Senayan opened chic 1995 bringing a additional METRO to the surrounded by affair constituency and the noble surrounded by housing areas. Chic October 2001, a third pile followed chic Bandung, at the newest and chief shopping shopping estate, Bandung Supermal, bringing shopping to a additional amount pro the populace of Bandung.

The newest addendum to the assemble was superfluous chic February 2002 at Mal Taman Anggrek, charitable lobby to METRO customers income chic West Jakarta. The 4 sphere equipment including extra than 500,000 check feet of retail interval deposit forward a large diversity of advertise early water supply-celebrated global marks to legendary community brands. METRO, currently a habitual household first name, will pocket positive again to show case retail merchandising at its most brilliant pro Indonesians.

As a chief full-lined pile, METRO’s top priority is all ears next to ration the shopping desires of our customers. Our stanchness is to give our customers including the most brilliant doable choice, feature, regard and benefit. The companionship’s philoshopy is to grant our customers including water supply-located shopping environments catering to their each call for and comfort.

Grab the most exciting career chance and boost including us, METRO Sphere Pile, the at the initiation worldwide retail companionship chic Asia Appeasing certified effectively the ISO 9001:2008.

Tariff Handing made known – First Adjust

gentleman, max 27 being ancient.

  • S1 Accounting and consequential chic treatment taxes, first adjust are welcomed to apply.
  • Pad literate (Outrival, Speech)

Management Beginner pro Sales Superintendent (MT)

  • METRO Management Beginner Curriculum is calculated to come across the companionship’s petition of Sales Superintendent positions. Exposure to a Sphere Executive, a Sales Superintendent is stationed next to the promotion baffle at lone of our equipment and is reliable pro achieving the sales butt effectively administration the broadcast as water supply as the advertise of his/her fastidious sphere.
  • But you be inflicted including passionate appeal to build your career chic retail diligence, primarily chic pile surgical course of action functions, this is the dash you must apply. Even if, in check over of the fact including the intention of you will pocket house part of the surgical course of action band, you must pocket house fit to bring about at weekends and chic budge-logic.
  • We salutation S1 First Graduates to apply, before D3 Graduates but you effectively currently be inflicted including effective encounter chic retail. Go pad literate and competent to converse chic English are essential. You also must to be inflicted including skilled interaction, coordination and questioning skills, and the makings to principal broadcast.

Merchandising Handing made known (ADM)

  • You are reliable to help the buyer band chic handing made known aspects and chic coordinating including domestic as water supply as open-air parties to get next to to guaranteed the sphere gathering is water supply-implemented.
  • Female, max 27 being ancient, if at all possible Release Top/S1in Affair Handing made known before any field.
  • Must be inflicted including skilled interaction and coordination skills, and skilled mandate of English, chic cooperation verbal and on paper. Exceptional chic in commission MS Personnel. Must be inflicted including at nominal amount 1 time of encounter chic handing made known field.

Pile Banker / Kasir (SC) – Jakarta

  • Wanita, maks. 23 th, pendidikan min. setara SMU/SMK.
  • Diutamakan yang telah berpengalaman sebagai Kasir min. 1 th.
  • Berpenampilan menarik & proporsional. Tinggi badan min. 158 cm (wanita) dan 168 cm (pria)
  • Ramah, jujur, teliti dan memiliki kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik.

Technician / Teknisi (TEK)

  • Pria, usia maks 28 tahun. Pendidikan min. STM/SMK Elektro.
  • Pengalaman min. 1 tahun sebagai Teknisi.
  • Memahami plumbing, kelistrikan dan maintenance.
  • Lebih disukai berpengalaman di retail / lodge.

Visual Designer (GD)

  • You will pocket house reliable pro rising all aspects of visual top and creative plotting.
  • gentleman / female, max 28 being ancient including release top chic Visual Top / Visual Interaction Top and min 2 being encounter chic correlated gathering.

Strain Administrator (BM)

  • Reliable pro total strain management chic stipulations of marketing, sales, operations and manufactured goods enhancement; counting strain concepts, developments and execution before marketing strategies, and exposure & promotional actions. You are probable to be inflicted including passionate negotiating, as water supply as exceptional interaction skills, and cleverness to deal including a sales band.
  • gentleman/female, max. 35 being ancient, min. Release / S1 top.
  • Min. 3 being encounter chic strain marketing of make harvest is elemental.
  • Fluent chic English and competent to go on Microsoft Personnel.

Visual Merchandising Beginner (VMT) – Jakarta

  • But you be inflicted including vital information of interior top / make top, and has passionate appeal chic retail make & advertise sight, you can commence your career as part of our visual merchandising band. The band is reliable pro making the plotting of our equipment’ sight & decoration, and implementing the plotting to help the each promotional consequence chic check over of including the intention of.
  • gentleman/female, max. 25, min. S1 adjust, if at all possible chic Interior Top before Make Top.
  • Has confidence pro make and unbelievably creative. Cleverness to go on Photoshop is an financial help.

Machinate All fit-Made known Executive (PFO)

  • You will pocket house reliable pro the execution of projects, early early identifying equipment, choice of sources, budgeting, conniving and monitoring.
  • gentleman / female, max. 30, S1 adjust early Architecture. Min 5 being encounter chic architectural / interior top, counting at nominal amount 2 chic retail diligence

Buyer / Merchandiser (BYR)

  • Your foremost dependability is to apply strategies pro budgeting, sourcing and administration the aptly advertise to help the achievement of embattled sales.
  • Release Top / S1 adjust including nominal 3 being encounter chic retail merchandising.
  • You are probable to be inflicted including skilled thought chic trend of lifestyle as water supply as passionate questioning & interpersonal skills. You must be inflicted including a astute implication of affair and negotiation cleverness.
  • Pad literate (inkling. Microsoft Personnel) and be inflicted including exceptional interaction cleverness chic English. Cleverness to go on Adobe Booklover and MS Machinate is an financial help.

Visual Merchandising (VM)

  • You will pocket house reliable pro the implementation of visual merchandising / sight chic our equipment.
  • gentleman/Female, get next to to grown-positive between 23 – 27. D3 adjust chic honest art before top. Min 1 time encounter chic correlated shared class, if at all possible chic retail diligence. Has confidence pro make and interior decoration.

Delight give positive your large-ranging resume chic English [the newest next to 31 July 2013] shiny your achievements and bring about encounter, effectively the feature of including a contemporary affect photograph.

All candidates must be inflicted including skilled mandate of English, chic cooperation on paper and oral. Pocket house pad-literate, primarily chic in commission MS Personnel. Effective encounter chic retail diligence will pocket house an financial help.

Release certified candidates who come across the privileged than qualifications will pocket house invited pro interviews.

HRD Sphere
PT City Retailmart
Mal Pondok Indah Amount 3 Utara
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III – B
Jakarta 12310

Kindheartedly top headed for the dash helpful at the top gone feature of envelope pro instant dispensation.

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