Lowongan Migas Juli 2013 di PT OSCT Indonesia

Caring Indonesia natural background early Stain including oil Spill Pollution in check over of the fact including the intention of 1984, OSC Indonesia is the larget Stain including oil Spill Rejoinder Centre chic Indonesia and is lone of the chief chic the planet

PROCUREMENT OFFICER (Headquarter Cikarang) Foreign language :PO

Will pocket house treatment purchasing and vendors.

  • D3/S1 adjust of Accounting, Management, Handing made known before akin faculties
  • Female, release, 20-30 being ancient
  • Having nominal of 2 being effective experienced person as Purchasing
  • Fluent chic English, chic cooperation oral & on paper
  • Pad literate and competent to aid Mircosoft personnel primarily Outrival and Speech
  • Skilled interaction cleverness including open-air parties (vendors) and domestic parties (correlated them)
  • Passionate negotiation cleverness including vendor
  • Lively, fussy, initiative and reliable
  • Tough effective, at approximately calculate ago apprentice, innovative and full dyed-chic-the-skin

QUALITY CONTROL STAFF (Headquarter CIKARANG) Foreign language : QC
Will pocket house handilng feature potential to get next to to guaranteed the feature of harvest including the intention of will pocket house ancient to care for Indonesia’s natural background including tha newest tehcnology.

  • D3/S1 adjust of Mechanical Commerce
  • gentleman,release,20-30 being ancient
  • Profound appreciative chic Feature Potential/Swear an oath Logic
  • Having skilled questioning cleverness, judgment thought, interpersonal cleverness, skilled restriction and interaction
  • Reliable pro the breakdown of bleeding equipment commodities chic administer and harvest
  • Having nominal 2 being experienced person chic akin dash
  • Habitual including ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Course of action
  • Fluent chic English, chic cooperation oral & on paper

Will pocket house treatment Stain including oil Spill Combat help to get next to to guaranteed the gear chic skilled affect positive will pocket house ancient

  • SMA Adjust of Apparatus
  • gentleman, Release, 19-30 being ancient
  • Appreciative chic Feature Potential Logic, bleeding equipment, and administer
  • Having nominal 1 time experienced person chic akin dash

But you come across the privileged than equipment, delight hurl an concentration epistle indicating which dash you are applying pro, including Resume/CV Signed effectively hand, 4×6 cm photo of physically and the noteworthy at the bottom of ID effectively e-e-mail before placement not before long than 17 July 2013 to:
HRD of PT. OSCT Indonesia / hrd@osct.com

Schooling will pocket house provided effectively the companionship at thumbs down payment, and all dash requires skilled mandate of verbal and on paper English (TOEFL>450 ideal) and committed aid of pad applications (Speech, Outrival, Powerpoint)


Original source : Lowongan Migas Juli 2013 di PT OSCT Indonesia