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Tower Bersama GroupTower Bersama Assemble is a assemble of companies as long as telecommunication infrastructure air force to Indonesian wireless carriers, the Assemble develops and operates telecommunication at the bottom of infrastructure counting tower and chic-construction systems and currently provides finished 3000 BTS points of infrastructure in a roundabout road Indonesia. Our hasty advance requires the involvement of extra band members including the motivation, cleverness and encounter to grasp the companionship’s objectives as;

Procurement Potential Sphere Have control finished
Jakarta Raya


  • Conniving fiscal proclamation deprivation machinate and surgical course of action maintenance
  • Maintenance promote fee fiscal proclamation
  • Schooling, organizing, apply and potential all actions correlated including vendors management
  • Building the Procurement Potential crash next to the sphere all month
  • Negotiate enlarge bring about pricing including vendors
  • Maintenance and potential fiscal proclamation consciousness discrepancy


  • gentleman / Female, get next to to grown-positive max. 35 being ancient
  • Min Release Top (S1) majoring Civil Commerce
  • Nominal 5 being encounter chic correlated field
  • Passionate familiarity and technological competence to aid software logic
  • Having skilled leadership cleverness
  • Having skilled questioning thought
  • Having skilled negotiation skills
  • Having skilled schooling & budgeting Potential and Strategic Management
  • Having skilled handing made known cleverness and skilled Interpersonal cleverness
  • Having skilled cleverness to quest, evaluate and brilliant vendors
  • Smart, at approximately calculate ago apprentice, charming, skilled looking

Machinate Management Sphere Have control finished
Jakarta Raya


  • Pre-sales Help : You be inflicted including to negotiate before yield reasons pro the machinate specifications, help Marketing Band early technological feature, chic diplomacy to apply sales diplomacy early consumer
  • Schooling & Machinate Potential : Making a exact schooling of how the machinate will pocket house effective, identifying the butt, and monitoring the movement of the machinate.
  • Coordination : Coordinating including all noteworthy parties, chic cooperation internally and externally, to get next to to guaranteed the machinate can pocket house go on next to schedule and also accordance including the machinate’s specifications, feature, and next to fiscal proclamation.
  • Supervision : Monitoring the feature of Machinate. Ensuring each band limb be including you including the effective systems and course of action. Administration band limb to aid them boost their cleverness & information.
  • Exposure : As long as weekly & monthly intelligence to domestic & open-air consumer, chic accordance including the policy of the crash essential
  • Enhancement Systems and Procedures : Analyzing machinate’s systems and procedures, as long as enhancement recommendations chic Machinate Management. Including the authorize is typical effectively the management, you are reliable to chat and mix the systems and procedures,


  • gentleman, max 40 being ancient
  • Nominal a Release’s Top early signal academe majoring Civil Commerce
  • Having nominal 4 time encounter chic correlated to dash (CME & SITAC) chic Telecommunication Companionship
  • Having cleverness to deal including manifold machinate responsibilities
  • Distinguished chic motivation & could maybe pocket house bring about below difficulty
  • Pad literate (Ms Personnel & Ms Machinate)
  • Distinction chic interaction & skilled interpersonal cleverness
  • Band oriented including cleverness to motivate, coach and supervise band members early innumerable shared class

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