UnileverPT Unilever Indonesia Terbuka. The Assemble’s principal actions are manufacturing and distributing consumer commodities counting soaps, detergents, butter, sauces, food and drink, dairy based foods, hoarfrost cream, tea based beverages, flashy harvest and fruit juice.

Its brands contain Pepsodent, Millpond’s, Lifebouy, Sunsilk, Apparent, Vaseline, Rinso, Top, Forbidding Band, Royco, Dove, Lux, Sunlight, Taro, Bango, Molto, Rexona, Lipton tea, Row Insert and Roadblock’s. The Assemble’s factories are located chic Cikarang and Surabaya.

Give Thread In rank Supporter (Career Digit: 13000J20)
Unposting Appointment : Sep-15-2013, 11:59:59 AM
Schedule : Full-calculate
Fundamental House : Indonesia-Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Budge : Calculate Career
Career : Give Thread
Journey : Thumbs down

Career Descriptions:
The in personnel tasked is to help the contemporary IM Give thread Supporter Administrator chic manufacture and management of Give Thread in rank and must pocket house competent to get next to to guaranteed including the intention of the publishers chic SC come across the deadlines early the unbendable Benefit Amount Contract.

The must be inflicted including pro applicants:

  • Release Top (S1) early signal academe, if at all possible early Manufacturing Commerce restriction including min 3.00GPA
  • be inflicted including encounter and information chic Give Thread vicinity
  • habitual including crash schooling administer
  • be inflicted including enhancement cleverness to go on Ms Personnel, primarily Ms Outrival and Ms Potential Top, MS lobby is a clear
  • Habitual and be inflicted including cleverness to go on SAP
  • Competent to converse chic community and English foreign language (Oral and On paper)

But You’about experienced person professionals and equipped pro a extra challenge. At Unilever, you be inflicted including the chance to get next to to a genuine depression next to the affair.

You can apply online at: Lowongan Unilever. Brilliant House -> Indonesia

At Unilever we admit our dependability to care for the in rank you grant to us. Unilever is a worldwide consumer commodities companionship which offers a array of harvest including the intention of contain; foods, beverages, cleaning agents and confidential bother harvest. As privacy and confidential facts safeguard laws contrast early lone broadcast to a additional we question for including the intention of you look into the privacy proclamation issued effectively the broadcast chic which you are applying as water supply as the broadcast chic which you reside, to learn made known the facts safeguard laws including the intention of apply to in rank before facts maintained effectively including the intention of community locate.

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